Simulation Center

Center for Education, Simulation, and Innovation – Simulation Center

Our award winning simulation center has recently been reconstructed and relocated to a 14,000 square foot facility. There are 5 different simulation rooms, each with its own control room (where the instructor can actively change the hemodynamics of the simulator). The center also contains a task training room that allows residents and attendings alike to practice difficult intubations (with all of the newest fiberoptic techniques available), central lines (femoral, internal jugular, and subclavian) with and without ultrasound guidance, ultrasonography (abdominal, pelvic, and cardiac), paracardiocentesis, and endoscopy.  In addition to all of this, a laparoscopic training room, which allows for FLS (Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery) instruction, and a robotic training room, which contains a DaVinci Robotic surgery trainer, are also accessible at the CESI.

As a resident you will have regularly scheduled sessions in the CESI with a customized curriculum that is year specific. Each of these sessions is integrated into our weekly Tuesday conferences and is longitudinal as you progress through your training. The topics covered include (but are by no means limited to) the acute stabilization of trauma patients, difficult intubation scenarios, dealing with myocardial infarctions, and evaluating the biohazard patient while in a full Hazmat suit. During these sessions, there are two dedicated classrooms that allow for debriefings and observation of cases actively in progress.

While this time is reserved for residents on a monthly basis, you do not need to wait for your scheduled class time to take advantage of the Simulation Center.  All it takes is a simple email or call a few days in advance to reserve a room / simulator to sharpen your skills.

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