Future Residents

Future Residents
Welcome to the University of Connecticut Integrated Residency in Emergency Medicine!

As a resident, you will have the opportunity to obtain Emergency Medicine training at 3 different hospitals (Hartford Hospital, John Dempsy-UCONN Hospital, and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center).

Hartford Hospital (HH): You will spend most of your ED shifts here experiencing the fast pace and high acuity patient population that Hartford and the surrounding community has to offer. Annual patient population reaches approximately 90,000. During each of your shifts, you will work closely with 1-3 highly experienced attendings including a second or third year resident. Other rotations here include Trauma, OB/GYN, MICU, and SICU.

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC): Here you will train with only Pediatric Emergency Physicians at an excellent institution (across the street from HH) devoted to caring for our youngest population (annual census of over 50,000 visits per year). You will spend one month every year here as well as 2-3 shifts every month you are in the HH ED.

John Dempsy (UCONN) Hospital (JDH): This will be your community hospital experience. You will spend one month here during your first and third years of residency. The time spent here is typically full of unique procedural experience taught by highly trained attendings (many of whom are UCONN EM graduates).

Other hospitals include St. Francis Hospital, where you will experience your internal medicine, cardiac intensive care unit, and orthopedic (2nd year) rotations. At Manchester Hospital, you will spend 2 weeks devoted to learning how to intubate patients in the controlled environment of the operating room. The benefit from obtaining your intubating experience here is that you will be the only resident. Two more weeks are spent in the CCMC OR for pediatric intubation training.

Every Tuesday the EM residency has lectures from 12-4pm. This time is protected, which means that despite which rotation you may be on, you are free of any clinical duties during these hours. Our lectures come from faculty, visiting physicians, and your fellow residents. During your time here, you will be required to give one hour long lecture and one fifteen minute case conference every year. Deliver an outstanding lecture and you may be the next recipient of the Silver Tongue Award (given at the graduation ceremony every year). Tuesday conferences also include lectures on pediatric EM (from CCMC PEM physicians), toxicology (from our own toxicologist), radiology, and EKG case conferences (directly from one of Hartford Hospital’s prominent cardiologists). Additionally, about once a month, residents will make a trip to our award winning simulation center. After lectures, many of the residents get together for dinner, ultimate Frisbee, or just to relax outside of the hospital.

Other protected time includes Journal Club, held once a month (typically at an attending’s home) for 3 hours. During these meetings, one resident from each resident year will deliver an outline of the article and provide an analysis of it. The residency also provides Grand Rounds once a month.

Any questions that you may have concerning this residency can be answered by contacting either Lisa Turner or Leslie Lukowski (emails and phone numbers provided under the “contact us” tab on the left). If you would rather speak to a resident, we are happy to provide that contact information to you – just ask Lisa or Leslie!